April 21, 2009

Build a Dinghy: Part 10

This picture shows the scarf joint after sanding it out. I used a Fein Multimaster http://www.feinus.com/ to bring the glue line close to flat. Since cured epoxy is very hard, and I wanted to get the glue line flat without sanding through the plywood veneers, I used the Multimaster to sand just the glue-line. This tool has a variety of attachments perfect for finish work in tough situations, and where precision is required. I highly reccomend this tool for boatbuilders.
Once the glue line was nearly flat, I finished sanding the old fashioned way: with sanding block and long board.
No that I've pre-fabricated all the major parts, the next post will show initial assembly. She's gonna look like a boat soon!

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