March 30, 2009

Are Inboard Engines Dead?

Volvo Penta"s IPS and Cummins Mercruiser Deisel's (CMD) Zeus make bigger boat propulsion choices more demanding than they were just a year ago. Add to that a growing number of large , outboard-powered cruising, sport and fishing boats built by the likes of Everglades, Intrepid, MjM and SeaVee and for the first time, the venerable conventional sahft-and-rudders inboard's position as the power of choice for "serious " boats between 3o and 50 feet is threatened. In a running series of posts, we'll examine the pros and cons, look for your feedback and reach some conclusions you can use when makiing your propulsion decision. Check this video from the helm of Everglades new 35 Express with trip 350 Yamahas.
The first thing most guys say when they first see pods, like the IPS installation in the picture is: " Man, I'd hate to hit something with those things!" My response is: " If I hit something hard offshore, I'm gonna have a bad day regardless of what makes the props turn." C'mon...bring it on.

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